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  • Vision, Mission & Core Values | Rwanda Psychological Society

    About Us

  • Who we are
  • Our vision and Mission
  • The constitution of RPS
  • Our Structure and Governance
  • Action Plan

  • Vision

    To be a leading advocate for psychology research and practice in Rwanda. The RPS is convinced of practices in Psychology to be evidence based, and therefore the moto “Science for Service”.


    The mission of RPS is to promote psychologist’s values and research in psychology while striving for members’ capacity building and socio-economic welfare.

    To achieve its mission, the RPS pursue the following activities:

    • Development of continuous training and scientific research programs to foster best practices in psychology and ensure the quality of service delivered.
    • Monitoring member’s conduct and discipline to enforce psychologist’s core values and professionalism;
    • Community engagement to mobilize and sensitize the community on the critical issues pertaining to mental health, psychological distress, difficult social interactions and social disintegration, conflict management, child development and child rights, violences (genocide, community violence, domestic violence, gender based violence, intimate partner violence, violence against the children) and associated mental/psychosocial burden, etc
    • Protection of members’ interests and rights through advocacy, representation and networking with other sisters’ organizations locally and internationally.


    RPS Members fully adhere to the core values of psychologists and all general ethical principals, which include :

    • Beneficence and Nonmaleficence
    • Fidelity and Responsability
    • Integrity
    • Justice
    • Respect for people’s right