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  • Benefits of membership | Rwanda Psychological Society

    Our Vision

  • To be a leading advocate for psychology research and practice in Rwanda. The RPS is convinced of practices in Psychology to be evidence based, and therefore the moto “Science for Service”.
  • Our Mission

  • The mission of RPS is to promote psychologist’s values and research in psychology while striving for members’ capacity building and socio-economic welfare.

  • Benefits of membership

    The founder members and adherent members constitute the effective members of the Organization. They shall have the same rights and obligations vis-a-vis the Organization. They shall especially enjoy the following rights and obligations:

    • Right to participate in all meetings of the General Assembly at province level to which they belong;
    • Right to elect and be elected to any organs of the Organization;
    • Right to participate in any activities and projects of the Organization;
    • Right to information regarding the life of the Organization;
    • Obligation to pay the monthly contribution due to the Organization;
    • Obligation of respect, confidentiality and dignity.

    Apply for membership here