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It is our great honor and privilege to welcome you to the Rwanda Psychological Society (RPS) website.

The Rwanda Psychological society, RPS acronym, is a national professional organization established August 1st, 2015. As main mission of the organization, the RPS has come in existence to avail training opportunities (e.g.CPD trainings) to psychologists at work (RPS objective one), to enforce psychologists’core values and professionalism (RPS objective two) and to contribute to the awarness around mental health, particularly the psychological trauma, in the post-genocide Rwanda (RPS objective three), to list a few.

With regard members, all members of the RPS hold a university degree ranging from a Bsc to PhD in the various orientations in Psychology, i.e. Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychological Counselling, School Psychology, etc.. In terms of profession, RPS members are distributed and work in different domains of health and social welfare in the country.

We strongly believe that Psychologists in Rwanda are contributing to the development of the country and playing a very vital role raising awareness around mental health and psychotrauma as a legacy from the 1994 genocide committed against Tutsi.

We thank you for joining our efforts to continuously work for the betterment of our society in the post-genocide Rwanda.

With gratitude,Prof. Vincent Sezibera
RPS President