" /> 5th Interdisciplinary Forensic Summer School 22nd-25th August 2016 | Rwanda Psychology society

​Theme “Role of Forensic Science in Development, Sustainability & Conservation”


The content of the training will consist of both theoretical and practical sessions on different aspects of medico-legal casework including forensic DNA analysis, toxicology, autopsy, postmortem imaging, tissue/organ transplantation, forensic physical evidences, forensic anthropology, psycho-trauma, etc.

Lectures and workshop in psychology included(not limited to):

  • Psychotrauma in post-genocide Rwanda
  • Psychosocial and mental health needs in refugee population
  • PTSD and legal medicine
  • Investigation and prosecution of GBV cases,
  • Child abuse
  • Psychotrauma(Trauma vs PTSD)and psychotrauma treatment(2.5 days workshop)

Lectures were delivered by experts from the Institute of Legal Medicine/UKE-Hamburg University and the University of Rwanda.


The participants included medical doctors, medical students, postgraduate students, laboratory scientists/technicians, biologists, clinical psychologists, pharmacists.

Venue and dates 
Hotel Nobleza – Kigali, August 22nd-25th, 2016.